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I love the Ada hipster full! It is comfortable and fits perfectly. It has eliminated my nighttime period-leaking worries and has replaced my panty liners. It's the cutest, most feminine undies I've ever worn on my period. As for the company, I appreciate how personal they are and how genuine their customer service is! - FRANCESCA - CENTRAL NEW YORK


Dear Kate is the answer to my prayers! No more embarrassing leaks, and I can sleep soundly without worrying about bleeding onto my sheets. They are worth every penny! I am so thrilled with the performance of these bad ass panties that I told all my friends to go out and buy a pair! Thanks for bringing joy during a dreadful time of the month! XOXOXOXO - REBECCA - MILWAUKEE


I am so grateful for the underwear that meets the expectations for leakage protection, but also pleasantly surprises by feeling so soft, breathable, and comfortable. - VANNA - CALIFORNIA


Thank you so much!!! You let me be truly comfortable for the first time in 15 years!!! I finally had to admit I had stress incontinence a decade ago when I sneezed during a professional interview and a puddle appeared. (Most awkward moment of my life.) It feels so liberating to be free of the purple pads for the first time since then. I vow to get a pair for every new mom in my life and will be getting the rest of my underwear from you from now on. I really appreciate your guarantee as I was an in between size and had to size up. Keep up the good work, you are amazing. (Seriously, I cried with relief when they worked the first time.) - MIMI - WASHINGTON


They have a flattering fit, are so comfortable you hardly know you're wearing underwear and, most importantly, they are effective. - JESICA - GEORGIA


Got my yoga pants on Saturday and want to wear them every day forevermore. Did a barre class this afternoon and they're amazing/comfortable/perfect. IN LOVE. In. Love. Telling everyone I know. - KELLY - CALIFORNIA


I am sold. I will never buy another brand again. All it took was trying them on once. They are lovely and silky and sexy in such a classy way. I love them. My daughter can look forward to getting some as a "welcome to womanhood" present -in about 13 years! Thank you. You have brought to panties what we have been lacking. - LANA - TEXAS

 Your undies are perfect as back up for my cup and your guarantee makes it possible to be sure the fit is just right. I'll be a repeat shopper and I'm already picking out a pair for my 12 year old. If only you'd been around when I was a teenager! I'd have been saved from many an embarassing moment. - A MOM FROM BROOKLYN


Can I just tell you how much I LOVE THESE PANTIES!! I've put up with leaking around my tampons when I run or practice yoga for years, but NO MORE! After wearing these panties through three cycles, I haven't stained any sheets or ruined any more expensive workout tights. And thanks for making them look great, too! - MARIN - NEW JERSEY


These underwear are incredibly well-made, comfortable, cute, and they save me during the occasional heavy weightlifting pee-cident. - LEAH - CALIFORNIA


These underwear have literally - no hyperbole - changed my life. Probably my favorite thing I have purchased in the past year. You guys ROCK. - CHRISTINA - CALIFORNIA


THEY ARE THE BEST!! I primarily use them for period backup protection. I'm a runner, so when I race I'll wear DKs to make sure no one can tell if I peed a little. Also, my boyfriend thinks the black lacy ones are sexy, so that's a bonus! He doesn't know their secret :) - MARYANN - CALIFORNIA


I love that you have moms in mind! With the stain protection. Genius. No other undies in the world (that I know of) do that. Oh how I wish I'd found you when I was pregnant! - CHRISTINA - CANADA


Honestly the reasons I love Dear Kates, as a new mom, heavy flow-er, and person who finds distance running verrrrrry relaxing, are extremely gross. But thanks to Dear Kate's, I can be gross and keep it to myself, while still looking hot in my skivvies. - JEN - NEW YORK